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Helping startups build Minimum Viable Products and Proof of Concept prototypes

Is MVP Right For You?

Filled with enthusiasm and passion, you have been struck with an incredible idea for a fresh new product.

It may be an app with services no one has dreamed of before.
It might be a new digital product to make your customers’ lives easier.
It might be an electronic device that you just know is going to take the world by storm.

You have a great idea but just want to get the bare bones together technically and see if it has legs.

You need help to create your MVP to get it through the first few stages; test if it works, learn from your mistakes, tweak and refine, before launching something beautiful to the masses.

MVP will help you see if your idea will work, without you having to spend all of your time, energy and financial resources to figure this out.

If you have the passion, the idea and the business savvy, but not the tech knowhow, and just want a regular person (with nerd superpowers) to work with you and see if your dream project can fly, then talk to MVP.


We are all about helping startups and passion projects get up and running as quickly as possible on a budget.

We are here for all of the technical, coding and other concept and design details that you really don’t know where to begin with.

A partnership with MVP is like having a nerd in your back pocket – get help with all of the stuff you don’t know about. We also speak fluent human as well as our native language, Geek.

MVP is a small business that works one on one with you, is honest about what can be done and leaves out all of the BS.

Lets discuss your ideas and work towards bringing them to reality with a road-map for development on the path towards your long-term vision.

We can help develop ideas and concepts, what a prototype may look like, what an MVP will do, and how this will lead to your product vision

We work with a high level of flexibility to changes in requirements, whether it be customer or market driven, financial or taking advantage of an opportunity.

MVP is based in Melbourne, Australia



Mobile and desktop applications for communication, interactivity and productivity. Integrate with features such as GPS, Camera, Sensors and remote servers.

Web Applications

Websites and server applications for data collection, user & product management, reporting & communication. We build small and large applications.

Electronic Systems

Electronic systems, wireless devices and sensor systems. Prototype with micro-controllers, or custom build systems to suit.

Industrial Design

3D Modelling and product design. Parts drawings for manufacture, marketing or support.



Let's discuss ideas and the approach, alternative solutions, quick wins and a plan of attack to get your project moving. Let's discover:

  • Idea development
  • What's already in the market and how you will compete and win
  • Your product and business point of difference
  • A road-map for development
  • Where quick learning can be gained
  • Trade-offs in features, time, cost
  • How you will learn about your customers
  • Alternative markets
  • Costing


MVP can provide design services that will help build a picture of what your product will be and how it will be used. Services include:

  • Mockups for app/website that details user-interface designs
  • System designs for how product components will interact
  • Protocol and API design for system communications
  • 3D CAD modelling for physical products
  • Incorporating your brand & theme into the product


Prototyping is building a no-frills application or system to demonstrate purpose or prove the viability of an idea. A valuable part of the product development lifecycle, they allow you to test ideas quickly and cheaply.

Prototypes are typically not something you sell, but instead learn from, promote interest in the product vision, or help in raising capital from investors.

We can build your first prototype with services such as:

  • Off-the-shelf hardware and systems integration
  • Basic app or web development to test a core feature
  • First-off samples from manufacturing
  • Testing feasibility
  • Demonstration systems
  • Bench testing


From developing your first minimum viable product through to a full function marketable product.

  • Modern technologies
  • Industry best practices
  • Agile development approach
  • Get your app live on the App Store or Google Play


For physical products, we can provide prototyping and small-run manufacturing either in Australia or overseas. Manufacturing services include:

  • Machining of plastics, metals, wood and more
  • 3D printing, plastic injection moulding, metal casting and stamping, routing
  • Circuit boards and component assemblies
  • Component sourcing

Content & Marketing

MVP can help support your business get up and running.

  • Build your website including content, imagery and theme
  • Design your brand and logo, building on a consistent theme
  • Customised graphics for digital or print delivery
  • Online marketing and advertising, including social media and blogs
  • Offline marketing, advertising and promotional activities


MVP will support you through the various stages of the product lifecycle.

  • Updates
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing/Production
  • DevOps support for cloud-based applications - hosting, deployment, scaling, backups
  • Business support
  • Marketing support

Team Skills

The MVP team have a broad range of skills in App & Web development, Engineering, Design, Manufacture and Marketing

App & Web Development

We can build Apps, Websites & Server applications for business, communication, systems integration and games. Publish your App on Google Play and the App Store or as a desktop program. We work with sites large and small, various programming languages, databases and technologies.


We can build electronic systems for prototyping and minimum viable products using modern technologies, micro-controllers, sensors and wireless communications. Quickly get a prototype up and running before taking the next step in product development.

Industrial Design

We can draw a 3D model of your product that can be manufactured, render it for marketing purposes or create instructional diagrams. We'll help get your product manufactured locally or overseas depending on your needs.

Content & Marketing

We can offer content and marketing services to take your idea to the world. Marketing strategy, brand development, graphic & logo design, blogs, social media marketing and other promotional content.

Hire Us!

Why MVP?

Product development is also about building a partnership and a long-term relationship.

We know what it's like being a startup, and can help with some of the challenges while being conscious of time and budget constraints.

We can offer flexible working arrangements to allow the project to run smoothly.

We take on projects that are of interest, and become invested in them to succeed.


Contact MVP to discuss your project or learn more about what can be done